$45 Popcorn Bud Eighths, Cheap Smalls, and More in New Jersey

Popcorn Buds

Posted on November 29th, 2023 to Cannabis Deals by

Looking for New Jersey dispensary deals? With the Garden State being one of the newest cannabis-legal states on the East Coast, sometimes, it can seem hard to find a good deal for good weed. However, rest assured, we’ve got all the good New Jersey cannabis deals at Eastern Green Dispensary in Voorhees Township. From awesome prices on popcorn buds and cheap eighths to good prices on your other favorite cannabis products, we’ve always got a top cannabis product for a good deal.

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Popcorn Buds

Check Out the NJ Cannabis Deals at Eastern Green

We love making sure our customers get good green and get to keep some green in their pockets. So, we’re pretty big on offering some of the best prices possible, including good prices on some of the best brands like The Botanist, Kind Tree, and Simply Herb. A few deals you will catch on our menu include:

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Quick tip: What are popcorn nugs? Popcorn weed nugs are small buds about the size of a popcorn kernel. These smaller buds can be less expensive, but they are also just as potent and high-quality as larger buds.

How to Find the Best New Jersey Dispensary Deals

Finding the best NJ dispensary deals is all about being a savvy shopper. The best dispensaries in NJ have their menu posted online, which makes it possible to scout out the best prices on your preferred product before you ever leave the house. Plus, the online menu usually gives visitors the rundown on what’s on sale for the day or week right at the top of the page. Also, look for special savings around certain events and holidays, such as 4/20, Green Wednesday, and even local events. If you visit a dispensary in person, be sure to ask the budtender about what’s available for a good price.

Get the Best NJ Dispensary Deals at Eastern Green Dispensary

Whether you’re shopping for top-shelf flower, popcorn nugs, or something else, Eastern Green makes it easy to get what you want at the best price possible. If you’re shopping in the Voorhees Township area, be sure to take a few minutes to check out our menu where you will always find details about the current deals.

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