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Kind Tree Cannabis

Kind Tree is a high-end cannabis producer with a focus on naturally grown flower and carefully processed marijuana products. By focusing on the small details in the art and science of cannabis growing, master cultivators can help each plant reach its full potential in potency, terpene profile, flavor, and more.

Kind Tree Cannabis

Kind Tree:

Product Line

The heart of Kind Tree is its sustainably raised cannabis, grown using a mix of cutting-edge techniques and natural nurturing from master cultivators. Kind Tree offers more than 30 different strains in New Jersey, including:

  • Sativas like Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Lemon Splash
  • Hybrids like Beach Grapes, Designer Runtz, and Strawberry OG
  • Indicas like Slurricane, Natural Gas, and Buttermintz

Ranging from the familiar to the exotic and providing diverse terpene profiles and effects, there’s something for everyone among these potent, finely cured cultivars. They’re available as flower or high-quality, ready-to-use prerolls.

Cannabis lovers can also enjoy a selection of other fine products from Kind Tree, like 100% pure cannabis oil vape cartridges or premium live resin cartridges that preserve unique aspects of each strain, as well as disposable vapes. There are also potent concentrates that add an extra punch to any session, available in sugar, badder, and other forms. Don’t miss out on Kind Tree’s convenient distillate syringes and delicious, discreet THC tinctures.

Kind Tree Review

Those who’ve been lucky enough to come across Kind Tree seem to be very pleased they did! On IHeartJane, comments noted “the potency is there for sure” and “best deal on planet earth.” Meanwhile, Reddit reviewers praised the “uniquely complex” flavor and “funky” effects. Finally, a reviewer on YouTube also noted the flavor profile, while commenters posted that it had the ” best price [to] value ratio.”

Where to Buy Kind Tree in NJ

Eastern Green Dispensary

In addition to locations in Maryland and Pennsylvania, Kind Tree is available throughout New Jersey, with more than 20 dispensaries stocking Kind Tree cannabis products. Many are located in Northeast New Jersey, though those along the shore, in South Jersey, and in the Philadelphia suburbs all have options relatively close by. This all means there’s no need to travel far to enjoy this top-tier Kind Tree weed.

Buy Kind Tree at Eastern Green Dispensary

Out of the many New Jersey options, none can compare to Eastern Green Dispensary in Voorhees Township. Serving both medical and recreational customers, Eastern Green offers a sleek, modern shopping experience that provides not only high-quality Kind Tree products but a vast mix of other top items. It’s served up by skilled and friendly budtenders who can provide great new recommendations or get you quickly out the door with your old favorites. It’s easy to see why it’s becoming one of the top dispensaries in the Garden State.

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