How Much is an Eighth?

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Before cannabis was ever a legal product, the “eighth” was a common term used to describe a certain amount of weed. While times have definitely changed, the good old eighth of weed is still one of the most commonly referenced increments of measurement.

With New Jersey finally going recreationally legal, a lot of first-timers will be making their way to dispensaries in search of good cannabis. And, not all will know the associated terminology when it comes to weights and quantities. So, how much is an 1/8 of weed by weight? How much weed is an 8th, actually? To get you off to a good start, here’s a breakdown of an eighth of weed.

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How much is an eighth in grams?

An eighth of weed is simply one-eighth of an ounce of weed. This comes out to be roughly 3.5 grams. For a good weight reference, a single penny weighs somewhere close to three grams. This may sound like only a tiny amount of cannabis flower, but cannabis flower is not all that dense, so a 1/8th of weed is actually a lot more than what it sounds.

How much is 1/8 of weed, volume-wise?

This is probably more important to know when it comes to buying weed. While an eighth of a single ounce truly doesn’t weigh that much, the volume of flower you have at this weight measurement is actually pretty substantial. You can have a small handful of flower, which is enough to make about three good-size blunts.

Keep in mind, cannabis flower can have different weight densities depending on the strain. Some flower is more resinous and sticky, which naturally means it weighs more. By contrast, some flower is made up of fluffy, lighter components that may not be quite so resinous. Therefore, it would take more flower to make up an eighth.

How much is an 8th of weed, price-wise?

The 1/8 of weed price will vary depending on the cultivator, the potency of the strain, and other factors. However, the general average as of April 2023 in New Jersey was about $60 per eighth before taxes. The price of cannabis is highly based on supply and demand. Since NJ is just getting started with recreational cannabis, supply is not as high as it can be in a few other states, but demand is also high. This can drive up prices until the market gets a bit more stable.

Eighth of weed in a jar.

1/8 oz of Weed – Other Common Questions

Is an eighth of weed enough to roll a joint?

An eighth of weed should actually give you enough to roll six or seven standard-sized joints. If you are using a standard rolling paper, your joint will likely only hold about half a gram of flower or less.

Will an eighth of weed last long?

It depends on your rate of consumption. Most regular cannabis smokers can consume about half a gram (one joint) in a setting, but that’s not a hard rule. If you only smoke a joint a day, you could easily make an eighth of weed last about a week.

Can you fill a bowl with an 1/8th of weed?

Pipe bowls can vary when it comes to size, but you should actually be able to get several smoking sessions from a single eighth of weed. Most bongs and pipes can accommodate about half a gram, so you should get at least six bowls from a 1/8 of weed.

Still Unsure About 1/8 of Weed and Other Quantities? Let Us Help

We get it—all the unfamiliar weed terminology can get a little confusing. When you visit Eastern Green Dispensary, we’ll be happy to help you out. If you see something you don’t understand about weight or otherwise, feel free to ask. Ready to shop for cannabis? Be sure to take a look at our online menu to explore our daily inventory.

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