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Are you a little nervous about visiting a New Jersey dispensary for the first time? Trust us, there is no reason at all to be nervous or feel intimidated. Shopping for cannabis is a totally new experience for most people. Nevertheless, knowing a few things before you take a trip to a dispensary for the first time can make you feel a lot more confident and comfortable. We’ve pulled together a full lineup of frequently asked questions about visiting an NJ dispensary to help you along.

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What Do I Need to Bring to a New Jersey Dispensary to Make a Purchase?

If you are shopping for adult cannabis, don’t forget your government-issued ID; we need it to verify your age (21 or older) when you make a purchase. If you are a medical patient, be sure to bring a copy of your NJ medical marijuana card. Other than these items, you don’t have to bring anything other than cash to pay for your purchase.

How Do I Pay for My Products at the Dispensary?

Most dispensaries only accept cash for cannabis purchases at this time. Payment options may vary between establishments, however, so it’s wise to check beforehand. At Eastern Green, we can only accept cash, but we also have an ATM on-site if you need to withdraw cash to make a purchase.

How Much Cannabis Can I Buy at One Time in NJ?

In New Jersey, cannabis purchase limits are set by state regulations. Recreational users can buy up to one ounce (28 grams) of cannabis flower, or they can buy four grams of cannabis concentrates for vapes, or 1000mg of edibles in a single transaction or within a day. Medical customers have different purchase limits: up to 85 grams of flower or equivalent products in 30 days. However, purchase limits can also be established by the treating physician. These limits help regulate and control the legal cannabis market in the state.

What Is an NJ Medical Marijuana Card?

For those with qualifying conditions, a medical marijuana card offers different purchase limits than recreational users. This card says that the state has approved you to use cannabis to treat your condition. To obtain a medical marijuana card in NJ, a doctor’s certification stating a debilitating medical condition like PTSD, opioid use disorder, or cancer is required.

How Many NJ Dispensaries Can I Visit in One Day?

You can explore as many dispensaries as you want in a single day, but purchases are subject to daily limits. The dispensaries will use internal systems to track your purchases; the state monitors your cannabis purchase to ensure you are adhering to state laws.

What Is It Like Inside a New Jersey Dispensary?

The interior of a New Jersey cannabis dispensary is a lot like the interior of a jewelry store or another retail environment where vulnerable goods are sold. Because cannabis must be so closely regulated and controlled, the products are stored behind locked cases and counters. A budtender will assist you when it is your turn to shop, allowing you to explore the products.

How Does the Online Cannabis Ordering Process Work?

You simply access the online menu of the dispensary where you want to make a purchase, make your selections, and follow the prompts to finalize your order. Once you go through the checkout process, you will be given a time when your order will be ready for pickup. When you get to the dispensary, your order is ready to go. You simply need to show your ID and pay for the order.

Can Anyone Go Into a NJ Dispensary?

Dispensaries have to closely monitor who enters the establishment to prevent unauthorized minors from gaining access to the merchandise. Therefore, most stores have a small security vestibule where you will be asked for your ID upon entry. You will show your ID again when completing your purchase.

Are NJ Dispensaries Tracking You?

NJ dispensaries are only tracking your purchases and ID information. This is a statewide mandate enacted by the local cannabis laws. However, your personal information is kept secure.

If You Don’t Live in NJ, Can You Still Buy Cannabis?

Yes! If you visit a New Jersey dispensary but do not reside in NJ, you can still purchase as an adult customer who is 21 or older. You simply need to provide your valid, government-issued ID, such as your state-issued driver’s license.

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