Top 10 Best Vape Carts & Pens in New Jersey

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On the search for cannabis carts and vape pens in New Jersey? You’re in luck! NJ is home to some up-and-coming and well-established brands that focus on delivering an enjoyable weed-vaping experience. Best of all, you can find some of the best vape pen brands New Jersey has to offer right here at Eastern Green. Take a look at a few of the best vape brands in New Jersey below.

The Best Vapes in New Jersey

1. Airo Brands Pineapple Diesel Vape Carts – Sativa

Airo has several different collections, which makes the brand a favorite when it comes to the best vape carts New Jersey dispensaries provide. The Pineapple Diesel pick from the Strain Series is a true vape to appreciate with its fruity, pungent, tropical flavor and motivating effects.

2. &Shine Strawberry Cough Vape Pen – Sativa

With its smooth berry-tinted flavor and undeniably euphoric effects, the Strawberry Cough vape pen from &Shine is one of the most popular vape pens in NJ for good reason. When it comes to high THC vapes New Jersey has a lot to offer, but this pick from &Shine rings in at over 86 percent—impressive!

3. Cookies Cereal Milk Vape Cart – Hybrid

Cookies is known for offering some of the best vape cartridges New Jersey has, and Cereal Milk is a good example of why. This creamy vape is all out dreamy in terms of flavor, and the delivered buzz is just as alluring with a balance of euphoria and relaxation.

4. Ozone 9lb Hammer Onyx Disposable – Indica

Known as one of the best vape pen brands New Jersey has brought to life, Ozone never disappoints when it comes to quality. The Ozone 9lb Hammer Onyx Disposable is a sure favorite with its heavy Indica strain effects. This pick is the go-to if you need to chill and get some rest after a trying day.

5. Rythm Durban Cereal Vape Cart – Sativa

If you’re looking for a go-to for a boost of get-up-and-go, look for Rythm Durban Cereal cannabis vapes in NJ. This cart delivers a trademark Sativa-leaning experience and loads of flavor.

6. Select Berry Gelato Disposable – Hybrid

Just like the well-known berry Gelato strain, this vape disposable from Select is considered one of the strongest vapes New Jersey has available. With an impressive THC potency of more than 80 percent, this heavy-hitter is not for the faint of heart but perfect for the cannabis aficionado.

7. &Shine OG Kush Vape Pen – Hybrid

It doesn’t get much more classic in terms of weed strains than OG Kush. The &Shine OG Kush disposable is easily one of the best vape pens in New Jersey. And, at more than 82 percent THC in each pen, this one is a true contender for the strongest vape pens New Jersey has.

8. Verano Berrylicious Live Resin Cart – Indica

Live resin is considered a premium pick when it comes to vape carts because you get loads of flavor. The Verano Berrylicious Live Resin Cart is the perfect specimen. With its sweet berry fruitiness and fun body vibes, it’s easy to see why so many people grab this vape pen at the dispensary.

9. Select Lemon Cake Vape Pen – Sativa

Modeled after the notorious strain itself, this Sativa/Hybrid pick from select is one of the best vape carts NJ has to offer. With over 80 percent THC and a full collection of flavorful terpenes, this vape is smooth and tangy and always delivers a nice uplifted feeling.

10. Kind Tree Chrome Slipper 99 Live Resin – Hybrid

Another live resin pick, the Chrome Slipper 99 Live Resin Cart is big on flavor and even bigger on effects. With a notorious reputation for lulling you into body/mind bliss, this vape cart is built to please.

Find the Best Vape Carts New Jersey Offers at Eastern Green

When it comes to finding flavorful, high THC vape pens New Jersey dispensaries like Eastern Green are ready to deliver. Be sure to check out our menu to keep tabs on the latest additions to the lineup.

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