The Best Edibles and Gummies for Sleep in NJ (2024)

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For as long as people have been using cannabis, they have been using it to help with sleep. However, today, you don’t have to worry about firing up your favorite pre-roll or flower before bed if you want to reap the sleep benefits of cannabis. Many people who use cannabis for this reason are reaching for edibles for sleep instead, and it is not without reason.

Are gummies good for sleep? What about other edibles? What are the best edibles for sleep in New Jersey? Find out the answers below.

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Are Edibles Good for Sleep?

Cannabinoids like THC in cannabis have long been praised for their ability to promote falling asleep. However, cannabis edibles are increasingly popular as sleep aids due to their long-lasting effects and the convenience the provide when it comes to precise dosing.

Unlike smoking, edibles also typically deliver THC to the body gradually, which also means a sustained period of relaxation and sedation. This slow release is particularly beneficial for promoting deep sleep and reducing the likelihood of nighttime awakenings. Additionally, many edibles are formulated with sleep-promoting ingredients such as melatonin, CBN (cannabinol), or relaxing herbs to further enhance their effectiveness as natural sleep aids.

The Best Edibles for Sleep in New Jersey

1. Grön Blackberry Lemonade Pearls 1:1:1 CBD:CBN:THC

Specifically formulated for turning every night into a dream, Grön Blackberry Lemonade Pearls contain a 1:1:1 ratio of CBD, CBN, and THC. These little pearls settle in with a full-body buzz that immediately makes you feel like your body is relaxed. Your thoughts are calmed, your mind stops racing, and you’re in just the right headspace to drift off. Grön Pearls are also made with real fruit and gluten-free, and each pearl contains 10mg of THC.

2. Herbology Cherry Slumber Bites 1:4 THC:CBN

Herbology Cherry Slumber Bites contain a 1:4 ratio of THC to CBN with 2.5mg THC and 10mg CBN per bite. These little slumber bites are rightly named, as they are one tiny bite that will send your mind into a sleepy place and your body into a perfect state of relaxation. Herbology Slumber bites are said to work exceptionally well for people who sleep sounder with lower doses of THC.

3. Wana Optimals Fast Asleep Soft Lozenges

Boasting a mixed berry taste infused with a proprietary blend of CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, and melatonin, Wana Optimals Fast Asleep Soft Lozenges are some of the best gummies for sleep. The unique thing about these gummies is the fact that they are made with nanotechnology. Therefore, you will start to feel the relaxing effects in only about 5 to 15 minutes instead of the usual 30 minutes to an hour with traditional edibles. Customers love Wana’s Fast Asleep gummies for this reason, as they don’t have to plan ahead to reap the effects.

4. BITS Pomegranate R&R Bits with THC and CBN

BITS Pomegranate R&R Bits with THC and CBN may be the perfect solution for a balanced cannabis experience when it comes to THC edibles for sleep. Combining THC, CBN, ashwagandha, and lemon balm, these innovative treats offer gentle relief from various conditions and promote a restful night’s sleep without overpowering effects. Each bit contains only 5mg of THC, as well as CBN and herbal ingredients to complement the sleep-supporting effects.

5. Encore Sea Salt Caramels

If you prefer something other than gummies to help you nod off to a peaceful dreamland, Encore Sea Salt Caramels can be an excellent choice. These smooth, richly buttery caramels are made with an Indica-dominant cannabis oil that works very well for calming the mind and putting good dreams within reach. Each caramel bite contains 10mg of THC.

6. Wana I Optimals Stay Asleep Soft Lozenges

Another sleep-supporting pick from Wana, Stay Asleep Soft Lozenges are formulated with a 2:1 ratio of CBD and THC. These gummies are better for people who have a difficult time reaching a deep sleeping state and staying there through the night. The double amount of CBD to THC makes these gummies less intoxicating and more soothing, so once you are lulled into sleep, you stay there and wake up rested the next morning.

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