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Looking for THC drinks in New Jersey? While you may not see many cans and bottles of THC-infused beverages just yet, you can find just what you need to make your own weed drinks at home. Check out the details about THC drinks in NJ below.

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First, Where Have THC Drinks in NJ Been?

Edibles in New Jersey for the first few years have been a little rocky. The state initially allowed edibles but had relatively stringent limitations on what was referred to as “shelf-stable” cannabis edibles. Unfortunately, this restriction meant that cannabis-infused beverages were not allowed. Finally, in late 2023, the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission began bringing the rules together to allow drinks and other shelf-stable cannabis edibles in the state. Therefore, THC drinks are slowly starting to make an appearance.

Currently Available in NJ: THC Beverage Mixes

While you won’t find many cans or bottles of THC drinks on dispensary menus just yet, what you will find is THC beverage mixes. These drink mixes are available from a few different brands and are in liquid form, much like the typical beverage enhancers. However, these drink mixes add a measured dose of THC to whatever beverage you choose. Therefore, you can make your own THC beverages at home by adding the mixes to anything from water and juice to your favorite soda or seltzer.

A few THC drink mixes you can find at Eastern Green Dispensary include these picks from Select:

  • Select Peach Tea Squeeze
  • Select Hint of Sweet Squeeze
  • Select Strawberry Lemonade Squeeze
  • Select Lemon Lime Squeeze

Each bottle of Select Squeeze THC Nano Drops contains 100mg of THC. The 20mL bottle has a metered dosage dispensing function that delivers 5mg of THC directly to the beverage of your choice. Additionally, the THC beverage enhancers contain nano-emulsified THC. Therefore, the THC drinks made with these drink enhancers are faster-acting than traditional edibles.

THC Drinks to Look for in New Jersey in the Near Future

While you may not find many weed drinks on the shelves just yet, these products are in the works and slowly trickling into the NJ edibles collection. Take a look at the different types of THC drinks you may see in New Jersey as the new products start to make their way to dispensary shelves.

Weed Sodas

Weed sodas are, just as they sound, sodas enhanced with cannabis extracts. Several surrounding states have these sodas available, many in recognizable flavors like root beer, cream soda, or even cola.

Weed Seltzer

Weed seltzers are essentially sparkling water with flavors that have been infused with cannabis extracts. Weed seltzer is popular because it can be a more natural THC-enhanced beverage and is often flavored only with organic terpenes.

Find THC Drink Mixes at Eastern Green Dispensary

You can find the full collection of THC drink mixes on our menu at Eastern Green, and new THC drinks are bound to start trickling in soon. Be sure to keep an eye on our menu, where you can order your favorite cannabis and cannabis products ahead for easy pickup.


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