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Many cannabis lovers enjoy products that are hard-hitting – and it doesn’t get any harder-hitting than legendary boxer and entrepreneur Mike Tyson, the man behind Tyson 2.0. Tyson says he’s been a long time marijuana user for its benefits in relaxing his body and mind, and he launched the brand in 2021 to share his passion with fans and other cannabis buyers. Since then, the fast-growing company has expanded to more than a dozen states, including New Jersey.

tyson 2.0

Tyson 2.0:

Product Line

The company’s offerings are headlined by its flower. Tyson 2.0 weed is unique in its three distinct styles, geared toward users with different needs. Outdoor and greenhouse-grown flower offers a lower-potency Tyson 2.0 strain for casual users, while indoor flower offers a step up in potency and quality. Those looking for the highest-end choices can also try Tyson 2.0 The Toad strains, which the company says are “inspired by Tyson’s psychedelic toad-licking experiences.” In addition to this carefully grown and cured flower, buyers can also grab convenient pre-rolls or a Tyson 2.0 vape, along with edibles (including THC beverages) and concentrates.

Tyson 2.0 Review

There’s plenty to love about Tyson 2.0, according to reviewers. Uproxx tried out a selection of products, thoroughly enjoying the brand’s gummies (shaped like an ear, referencing the infamous ear-biting incident with Evander Holyfield) and a selection of flower strains. DabConnection agreed, pointing out the high-end packaging and carefully trimmed and prepared buds. Reviews are particularly good for The Toad, which has a 4-star rating on Weedmaps. One user said it “might be the best strain I’ve gotten my hands on,” while others called it a “masterpiece” and praised its smell and taste. Meanwhile, Reddit users called it a “super relaxed high.”

Where to Buy Tyson 2.0 Cannabis in NJ

Eastern Green Dispensary

Cannabis buyers in the Garden State likely won’t have to go far to find a spot selling Mike Tyson 2.0 products. More than 20 dispensaries offer some or all Tyson 2.0 options. While many are located in the highly populated New York suburbs, plenty are also located along the shore, in South Jersey, and in central/western areas close to the Pennsylvania border.

Buy Tyson 2.0 at Eastern Green Dispensary

Choosing a dispensary should involve more than just looking up the closest option. For New Jersey cannabis enthusiasts, there’s no match for Eastern Green Dispensary in Voorhees Township. You’ll find a variety of Tyson 2.0 products, including the Tyson 2.0 Knockout OG pre-roll. Whether you’re a longtime marijuana user or a first-timer looking for guidance, our experience budtenders will help provide the ideal dispensary experience. Stop in today to enjoy Tyson 2.0 and other products just as strong as “Iron Mike” himself.

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