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Miss Grass

Miss Grass calls itself “Weed for the Times.” The company works closely with craft growers to produce premium THC and CBD products that maintain rich, vibrant terpene profiles, each geared toward various desired moods or uses. Miss Grass also uses cannabis to give back, donating a portion of sales to organizations advocating for criminal justice reform, women’s health, and sustainability.

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Miss Grass:

Product Line

Miss Grass excels at what it does by focusing on two products – Miss Grass prerolls (0.4 grams each, sold in packs of five) and Miss Grass flower (sold in half-ounce or “Generous Eighth” [4.2 grams] sizes). They’re split into several categories based on their effects and intended use:

Fast Times: Miss Grass’ Sativa-dominant strain, Fast Times is perfect for an uplifting, outgoing high when you need to be social or get things done.

Quiet Times: Chill out with Miss Grass Quiet Times, an Indica strain that can serve as the perfect way to relax or cap off an evening.

All Times: Versatility is the name of the game with All Times, crafted from hybrid flower that works in any situation.

Those looking for an additional boost to their session should look for Miss Grass Sparks 0.3-gram pre-rolls, which offer the tailored effects of each flower strain infused with THCa “diamonds.”

Miss Grass Review

Reviews of Miss Grass products tell potential buyers everything they need to know about the high quality of these products. On, reviewers praised the size, flower quality, strength, and convenient packaging, with one describing it as “absolutely perfect.” Meanwhile, Reddit users mentioned they were “shocked how that little thing could pack such a big punch.”

Where to Buy Miss Grass in NJ

Eastern Green Dispensary

New Jersey cannabis lovers are lucky that it’s among five states where Miss Grass products can be found. Dozens of dispensaries offer Miss Grass products, ranging from the New York and Philadelphia suburbs to the shore and smaller towns in the south and northwest. No matter where you live, chances are you won’t have to go far to find Miss Grass.

Buy Miss Grass at Eastern Green Cannabis Dispensary

But don’t settle for shopping at any NJ dispensary. Eastern Green is the best choice for picking up Miss Grass prerolls or flower, as well as the rest of your favorite cannabis products. This sleek, modern new dispensary offers some of the Garden State’s best selection, served up by friendly, highly skilled budtenders. They’ll provide prompt service as well as top recommendations tailored to your needs, tolerance, and budget. With a convenient location on NJ Route 73 in Voorhees Township, there’s no better or more convenient choice for south and central New Jersey cannabis lovers.

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