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Fernway is a producer of premium cannabis products designed to help passionate cannabis lovers find their perfect match. The company’s skilled workers use only the finest cannabis flower and oil to create these potent, terpene-rich, versatile products. With a name inspired by the longing for faraway places, fans of cannabis should see where this top brand can take them.

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Product Line

Those who love to smoke or vape their cannabis have a few varied, high-quality options from Fernway. Of course, the most basic of these is Fernway’s finely cured flower, available in a variety of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. This premium bud can also be enjoyed in expertly crafted pre-rolls, including terpene-infused versions for incredible flavor and additional effects. Finally, Fernway offers convenient, discreet, all-in-one vapes with a built-in battery and premium vape cartridges. They’re available in both single-strain varieties as well as flavored and live resin options.

Fernway Review

Any questions about Fernway can be answered through the company’s glowing reviews. On Reddit, one user called it the “best vape in New Jersey,” praising it as “the strongest hitting vape I’ve tried so far” and saying the flavor was “amazing.” Others praised the unique and distinctive flavors.

Where to Buy Fernway in NJ

Eastern Green Dispensary

New Jersey is the first area outside Fernway’s native Massachusetts to offer the brand, which can be easily found at dozens of locations throughout the Garden State. These are mainly concentrated in the New York City and Philadelphia suburbs, but those living along the Jersey Shore or in more rural areas of South and Northwestern New Jersey also have options close by.

Buy Fernway at Eastern Green Cannabis Dispensary

While there are plenty of choices for picking up Fernway, one truly stands out – Eastern Green Cannabis Dispensary in Voorhees Township, NJ. Buyers can shop a wide range of the company’s products, with a particular emphasis on the top-quality vape cartridges the company is known for. But Fernway is just a small part of the extensive selection of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, and other cannabis products available from this incredible spot. Plus, shoppers can rely on some of the Garden State’s most knowledgeable and friendly service from expert budtenders. Stop in today to grab your Fernway favorites and see what else Eastern Green has to offer.

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