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Black Label

Black Label is a cannabis producer focused on what it describes as “a no-nonsense approach to weed.” With the help of a state-of-the-art production facility, cutting-edge techniques, and a commitment to high quality and fair prices, Black Label is an example of how top-tier products outweigh any fancy marketing or packaging.

Black Label Cannabis:

Product Line

Black Label Product Line

Black Label cannabis focuses on high-end THC concentrates, which are available in several different forms to match the needs, tolerance, and budget of cannabis lovers. Black Label Crumble is perfect for use in a banger or sprinkled on top of a bowl of flower for an extra boost, while Sugar provides an easy-to-use, delightful dose of THCa alongside a diverse mix of terpenes. Meanwhile, Shatter provides potent effects in a medium as stable as glass, which doesn’t require any additional tools to split up your perfect dab dose. Black Label’s selection is rounded out by its beloved Batter, famous for its great taste, powerful effects, and ease of use in dab rigs. Vape lovers aren’t out of luck, however. Black Label also produces distillate and full spectrum CO2 THC vape cartridges crafted from pure ingredients without any fluff or cut corners.

Black Label Review

Those who’ve tried Black Label weed products have plenty of great things to say about their experiences. On Reddit, a user rated Black Label’s vape cartridges an 8 out of 10, praising the high-quality hardware, great taste, and powerful effects. Others supported the affordable prices and discreet cartridges, noting they’re perfect for travel or those looking for value in their purchases.

Where to Buy Black Label Weed in NJ

Eastern Green Dispensary

Where to Buy Black Label in New Jersey

Black Label is available in several states across the country, including Maryland, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Nevada. More recently, the company has added New Jersey to the growing list of states it’s available in. Right now, only a handful of Garden State dispensaries have access to these premium products, meaning shoppers may need to consult the company’s website to find the closest one to them.

Buy Black Label at Eastern Green Cannabis Dispensary

But there’s no need to look far for those in the central and South Jersey region. The best choice is Eastern Green in Voorhees Township. This efficient, modern, welcoming dispensary stocks all of your favorite Black Label concentrates and cartridges alongside a vast selection of cannabis flower, prerolls, edibles, tinctures, topicals, CBD products, and much more. Shoppers can rely on friendly, prompt service from some of New Jersey’s best-trained and most educated budtenders, who are always ready with a recommendation for top new products. There’s simply no better choice, whether you’re trying out some potent Black Label products or stocking up on an old favorite.


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