The Best Dispensaries in New Jersey – Medical and Recreational

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Looking for the best dispensaries in New Jersey? Whether you’re looking for the best medical dispensary to provide your medicinal cannabis or a recreational dispensary, New Jersey is home to some exceptional places to shop. Take a look at this list of the best New Jersey dispensaries to make sure you find your way to only the top establishments in the state.


Best Dispensaries in New Jersey – Medical

1. Eastern Green Dispensary

Where? Vorhees Township, NJ

Why visit?
A hand-selected collection of the finest New Jersey cannabis

The Eastern Green Dispensary located in the Vorhees Township is known as the place that has a cannabis product for every need. With a dedication to providing medical cannabis patients with only superior cannabis, Eastern Green partners with the top cultivators and most trusted brands in the state. The menu at Eastern Green is crafted with a fine selection of:

Get the Guidance You Need to Get the Most from Cannabis

For many people, cannabis is a new type of medicine. Therefore, it is perfectly natural to have questions. We’re happy to help out with anything you need to know. Whether it is simply how to find the best edibles in New Jersey for you or how much an eighth of weed actually is, our budtenders are happy to help. We take time with each customer to make sure they walk away with a cannabis product that is most likely to enhance their wellness journey.

2. Breakwater Treatment & Wellness

Where? Cranbury, NJ

Why visit? High-quality cannabis and quick service

Known to provide an engaging, and supportive cannabis-shopping experience, Breakwater Treatment & Wellness is a well-respected medical dispensary in New Jersey. The location in Cranbury offers a collection of craft cannabis strains, as well as other top-branded cannabis products. Customers also say that Breakwater is the best place to go if you’re looking for quick service.

3. RISE Medical Dispensary

Where? Paramus, NJ

Why visit? Excellent customer service and a collection of clean cannabis

RISE is a well-known name in medical cannabis along the East Coast, The Rise dispensary in Paramus is a good example of why. This location offers a massive collection of well-tested, clean cannabis products. Further, this specific location has a reputation for offering hard-to-beat customer service to every patient, no matter how many questions you have or specific needs that need to be met.

Marijuana Buds in Glass Jar Stack

Best Dispensaries in New Jersey – Recreational

1. Curaleaf

Where? Edgewater Park

Why visit? Welcoming atmosphere with high-quality cannabis

The Curaleaf dispensary in Edgewater Park is known for high-quality cannabis and a diverse array of premium cannabis products. With a dedicated and informed staff that’s just as passionate about cannabis as customers, this dispensary presents customers with a welcoming atmosphere and access to top-tier cannabis selections. Customers say this is the place to go for hard-to-find cannabis products that may be difficult to come by at other recreational dispensaries in the area.

2. Zen Leaf

Where? Elizabeth, NJ

Why visit? Friendly place with reasonable prices

Zen Leaf, a well-known cannabis operator spanning multiple states, boasts dispensaries across the New England region. Among its more recent additions is the Elizabeth, NJ location. Originally catering exclusively to medical cannabis patients, the Zen Leaf dispensary in Elizabeth has expanded its services to include recreational customers. Renowned for its welcoming ambiance, this recreational establishment garners praise for offering premium cannabis products at affordable rates.

3. Ayr Dispensary

Where? Union, NJ

Why visit? A compassionate place with a commitment to cannabis education

Situated in Union, the Ayr cannabis dispensary is a sought-after destination for cannabis patients and enthusiasts. Offering a diverse range of high-quality cannabis products, Ayr provides personalized assistance and is known for guiding customers through their selection. Ayr’s commitment to quality and compassion shows in its diverse collection of cannabis and its commitment to customer service.

Visit One of the Best New Jersey Dispensaries: Eastern Green

When you need the best medical cannabis in Southern New Jersey, Eastern Green Dispensary is the place to visit. We’re proud to be one of the premier medical cannabis dispensaries in the state and take pride in bridging connections between patients and high-quality cannabis products. Be sure to take a look at our full menu where you can order ahead for quick pickup when you arrive.


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